Data really powers everything we do.

Let me help you with your Software Development, Database and Data projects

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What I Do

Software projects focusing on database development and data.

I lead projects

Waterfall and Agile projects using Waterfall and Agile methodologies. I am a certified PMP, ACP, CSM and PSM.

I drive insight from data

Data integration using ETL tools, Data Science using R, Python and their statistics packages.

I provide strong technical solutions

Using Java, Python, R, Oracle SQL, Microsoft T-SQL, Tableau, Unix shell scripts are a few of many tools I worked with.

Want to connect?

If you need my expertise, please contact me.

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Suggested Readings

If you are interested in Data Integration, Data Engineering and Data Science, there are so many books and courses I found useful

Receiving the Rock Star award from Prudential

Industry Certificates

During my career, I obtained multiple industry certificates, Project Management Certificates like PMP, ACP, CSM and PSM, Software programming certificates in Java, Python and SQL, Devops certificates in Jenkins. Service Management certificates like ITIL.

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